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Sunday 27 - 07 - 2014

Sunday 27-7-21:30 at Bazeo Tower

Groove Catchers jazz group
D'une esthétique jazz-fusion influencée par Wayne Krantz, Oz Noy ou Joshua Redman, Groove Catchers développe sa propre personnalité en mêlant grooves asymétriques, improvisations interactives et énergie collective. Le son est brut, l'interprétation sans compromis. Une sorte de classe naturelle se dégage de ce jeune group. Bref, c'est du jazz de comptoir qui tache le parquet et c'est très bon.
The trio Groove Catchers, is the meeting of three young musicians who start a work composition on 2009 during workshops at the Jazz School in Tours, France. A project with an aesthetic Jazz Rock, Groove Catchers is an original Trio with musical personalities asserted:
drums , Johan Barrer
bass ,Antoine Guillemette
alto saxophone, Bastien Weeger
Groove Catchers find strength in a musical complicity combined with an energy close to the rock and funk music. Groove Cathers made a name for himself by winning a lot of jazz competitions in France. That's how they started touring more and more and finally met Julien Stella who becomes the 4st member of the band by adding a very interested touch playing bass clarinet and beat box.
With the cooperation of IF DFA

Monday 28 - 07 - 2014

Tuesday 29 - 07 - 2014  
Wednesday 30 - 07 - 2014

Wednesday 30/7 – 20:00 at Bazeo Tower
… at the edge of the world
Puppet show for the Festival's younger friends.
Puppet handlers-narration: Kostantis Mizaras, Aggeliki Gounaridi, Kyriakos Makridis (violin, accordion).

Thursday 31 - 07 - 2014 Traditional Greek Evening at a Naxian Village organised by the ROES Cultural Association, enjoy classic Greek Cuisine, live Music and Dancing! For more info: 22850 - 41955

... english ... german ... greek ... swedish ...
... thousands of songs in many different languages !!!!
BE the STAR at Naxos On The Rocks Bar
Friday 01 - 08 - 2014 Elaia Arts Festival 1-3 August - Kaloxylos

19.30 "The Timeline of Beauty" interactive game by Thalia Bardani for kids 7 - 13 years old at the the Antonios Basalakis Square.

21.30 Opening "Elia Art Festival" at main square of Kalolsylos


Photography and Art Exhibitions - External Exhibitions

Sculpture Exhibition by Ingbert Brunk at the Old Oil Mill

Sculpture Exhibition by Manola Sofi at the Cultural Center

Painting Exhibition by Maraki Rena at the Cultural Center

Costis Antoniadis
14 June – 09 September 2014
Daily: 10:00-17:00
Fragments of urban images, virtual heroes' busts, landscapes that resemble other landscapes and secret collections widen the relationship between photography and memory, reality and fiction. Costis Antoniadis invites odd elements and forms into new affinities, confirming that almost every picture is "the last descendant of a generation of images." Thus, looking at it, we see the "top coat, a skin that in between its pores and cracks we can discern the anatomy of the body of images." Besides, from the very beginning his work came with a warning (or confession) that "any resemblance to reality or other images is inevitable."
Costis Antoniadis was born in Athens in 1949. He is professor of Photography at the Department of Photography and Audiovisual Arts of the Technological Institute of Athens. He is cofounder of the Photography Center of Athens and curator of several photography exhibitions in Greek and International Festivals since 1979. He was appointed as director of the Photography Museum of Thessaloniki from 2003 to 2005. His photographic work have been widely exhibited in individual and group shows. His theoretical writings include the book Latent Image and numerous texts and studies. He is currently editor of photographic publications and curator of exhibitions at the Ariadne photogallery.

Painting exhibition " Road journal" by Mariela Konstantinidou at Labyrinth Wine Restaurant until the 30th of September

Three artists, 1 place, 3 months, 1 love, the one for art!
L'Osteria is proud to present, from 1.6 till 31.08, at the 1st floor:

Aiglh Drakou- "Synecdoche of Athens"
Kristian Zara- "From nowhere time"
Blank- "Epic Art by Blank"

Friday 1/8, 21.30-91'
Réalisation : Jean-Marc Moutout

Saturday 02 - 08 - 2014

Naxos Beach Volley at Mikri Vigla. Men/women teams, registration 7,5 euro per person. Dj Ilias Orfanos

"Doctor in Spite of Himself" Moliere's theatrical play KYTHNOS THEATRICAL GROUP at the main square of Kaloxylos

Agersani - Kapares, Patato festival, wine, patato mezes and traditional dancing
Sunday 03 - 08 - 2014 21.30 Elaia Arts Festival - Kaloxylos
Literary readings by Giorgos Glinos at the main square of Kaloxylos

Sunday 3/8, 21.30
Ariodante Georg Friedrich Haendel
Mise en scène Richard Jones
Filoti, opening of exhibition by the Filoti Women Association
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Wednesday 06 - 08 - 2014

The biggest event of this summer is a fact. Ministry of Sound (MOS)..the most popular club in Europe (London) is on a world tour.. After Ibiza, Mykonos and Santorini, the World Festival in our Island.. every summer, 6th of August @ Island Bar, Naxos..
Special Guest: IVERMAN


Wednesday 6/8,21.30-75'
Réalisation : Laurent Boileau, Jung Henin

Sotiris Celebrations at Glinado, Damarionas & Kourounochori
Thursday 07 - 08 - 2014

Friday 08 - 08 - 2014  
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Sunday 10 - 08 - 2014

BAZEO TOWER Sunday 10/8-21.30
Concert by Nikos Portokaloglou
A journey through the world of Greek music led by a group of excellent musicians, such as the renowned songwriter and singer Nikos Porokaloglou, and Vaggelis Markantoni, bass-guitar-vocals, Haris Michailidis, guitar-vocals.

Monday 11 - 08 - 2014  
Tuesday 12 - 08 - 2014

BAZEO TOWER Tuesday 12/8-20.00
Peter Reynolds the dot.
Theatre for children. One little dot marks the beginning of a journey of surprise and self-discovery.
Direction: Dimitris Bogdanos. Performers: Evi Dovelou, Natalia Kalimeratzi, Aggeliki Marinou, Yorgos Floratos.

Wednesday 13 - 08 - 2014  
Thursday 14 - 08 - 2014
Friday 15 - 08 - 2014 Celebration of Panagias, throughout the island
Saturday 16 - 08 - 2014  
Sunday 17 - 08 - 2014

BAZEO TOWER Sunday 17/8-21.30
Ramona travel / the land of kindness, by Glykeria Basdeki – Theatre
A small town girl from northern Greece, Ramona, travels the Balkans depicted in myths, legends, heroic acts and religious fixations. She sings the tales of her land and, like another Blanche DuBois, carries the baggage of failed expectations. A romantic journey into the concept of "Greekness" in search of a miracle.
Direction: Giannis Skourletis.
Performers: Kariofilia Karabeti-Lena Drosaki-Dimitris Mothonaios-Chris Radanov.
Production: Athens Festival

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Saturday 23 - 08 - 2014 Enniamera Panagias at Tripodes
Sunday 24 - 08 - 2014

BAZEO TOWER Sunday 24/8-21.30
Concert by Ross Daly
Ross Daly, Kelly Thoma and Vassilis Rakopoulos successfully bridge completely different musical elements and approaches. Joining them this summer the amazing Rhythm section by Petros Vathrakouris and Aggelos Polychroniou.
Ross Daly - lyras / rabab,
Kelly Thoma - Cretan lyra,
Vassilis Rakopoulos - classical guitar,
Petros Vathrakouris – bass,
Aggelos Polychroniou – percussions.

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Friday 29 - 08 - 2014 Agios Ioannis celebrations at Apeiranthos, Appolonas & Agersani
Saturday 30 - 08 - 2014  
Sunday 31 - 08 - 2014  

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